Gardener Bert® with slogan
  • Gardener Bert® with slogan - multicoloured

Gardener Bert® with slogan

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Our original products can do more than just convey advertising messages: Their high likeability values make them ideal as a new accessory in your range, for example. They also fit perfectly in a gift set. This "gGartenfreund" is suitable for anyone who has a green thumb or would like to have one. The number of hobby gardeners is growing. Stand out from the crowd and offer hip products that people not only like to give as gifts, but also like to receive and that accompany you in your home garden.


Merk MBW
Gewicht 35 g
Materiaal material: polyurethane foam
Kleur multicoloured
Afmeting length: 6 cm_x000D_ width: 8 cm_x000D_ height: 10,50 cm


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